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At Marshall Funeral Directors, we offer a range of services to help you at this difficult time. You can find out more information below – if you’d like to make an enquiry, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Funeral Services

We will assist your family in planning a funeral and choosing the options that suit your families needs and your loved ones wishes.


Discover the benefits of planning a funeral ahead of time.

International & Domestic Transfer

Repatriation of your loved one to New Zealand or repatriation to your homeland country.


We provide quiet and private rooms suitable for viewing.


We can provide an obituary to be published for your loved one.


We help you by arranging for catering services and making this difficult time a little less stressful.

Finance Options

The unexpected cost of a funeral can be a cause of stress for you and your family – we offer finance options to help manage these costs easily.


We offer an embalming service to ensure a memorable and positive viewing experience.

Prepaid Funerals

A Prepaid Funeral Fund allows you to set aside some or all of the required funds for your funeral in advance – with these funds then being held for you until they are required. Funds cannot be withdrawn in your lifetime giving you the peace of mind that they will be available when they are required. The prepaid funeral funds are held in our Funeral Trust, held by an independent trust company. The Funeral Trust is audited annually and secures your prepaid monies.

Pre-arranged Funerals

Pre-arranging a funeral is a good idea as it allows you to let someone know your wishes and ensures that arranging the funeral service is as easy as possible for those left behind to ease the burden. It also ensures that your personal requests and wishes are carried out.

Meeting the Funeral Director

This meeting can take place in your home, at the hospital or at the funeral home, whichever is the most convenient for you.

With your advice the Funeral Director will:

  • Arrange the transfer of the deceased person to the funeral home.
  • Arrange the provision of clothing for the deceased person.
  • Prepare and dress the deceased person.
  • Schedule a time for viewing of the deceased person at the funeral home or other venue.
  • Confirm the most suitable time and day for the funeral.
  • Contact and confirm the availability of the Minister or Celebrant.
  • Confirm and book the venue, church, chapel or other significant place.
  • Confirm the time and book the cemetery or crematorium.
  • Record the appropriate personal details and funeral arrangements.
  • Order the floral arrangement for the casket.
  • Record the selected type of casket.
  • Type and fax the death and funeral notices.


Although we do not like to think about it much – the day will come when we will need the services of a Funeral Director.

We probably all hope that this day will be later rather than sooner, and that our family will know what to do when it comes to organising the funeral.

Some people feel comfortable about leaving this responsibility to their family, while others prefer to be a little more organised by planning and even paying for their funeral ahead of time.

There are many advantages in planning ahead:

  • To ease the burden on loved ones
  • To relieve some of the emotional stress on your family.
  • To reduce the financial burden that the cost of a funeral may present.
  • Gives you the opportunity to create a meaningful funeral ceremony – one that reflects who you are and what was significant for you throughout your life.
  • A ceremony that gives those left behind something to remember and cherish, easing their pain of loss and grief.

If you wish to pre-arrange (and/or prepay) your funeral with us, please feel comfortable and at ease to phone (09) 266 9912 where you can speak with Colin Marshall.


We have a selection of literature available to you in order to clearly explain what we can offer and the options you have available. If you’d like us to send any of this literature to you, please simply complete the form below, selecting the pieces you would like us to send you.

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